As part of our company’s culture, we respectfully embrace diversity. We enjoy working with other organizations, entities, and companies in providing tailor-made joint solutions, to adequately suit the needs or requirements of our clients and potential clients. Tailor-made services include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Facility Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fire Alarm System Installation and maintenance
  • Supply of Solar Energy and Solar Installations
  • Office Furniture and General Supplies Mainly for the United Nations
  • Supply and Installation of Automated Doors
  • Provision of Vector and Pest Control Services
  • Ground Maintenance Services


DEEQA delivers comprehensive Pest and Vector Control Services through our team of highly skilled experts at OnGuard Pest Services. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure the effective management and elimination of pests and vectors, safeguarding your environment and well-being.

Matadoor Security Services
Jams Security

Jams Security and Matadoor Security Services

DEEQA provides maintenance, repair services, and installation of automated doors through our highly proficient consultants, Jams Security and Matadoor Security Services.

Davis Technology Group

Davis Technology Group

Davis Technologies Group and DEEQA Enterprise USA have collaborated in providing Fire Alarm installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Jiko Biogas

Jiko Biogas and Power off Grid is DEEQA Enterprise USA’s strategic partners in providing clean energy Solutions in order to to achieve UN sustainable development goals, improving and enhancing energy infrastructure investment prioritization and aligning with national development plans.

Power Offgrid

The main objective of the Power OffGridsolution is to reduce energy cost and dependence on expensive and unreliable utility services. DEEQA’s joint venture with Power off Grid is geared towards deploying smart BioGrid, MiniGrid, and WindGrid hybrid technologies.

These smart solution/services come with value-added renewable energy functionality to provide affordable clean energy to residential and business customers, including the “agri-food chain.”

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