Improving positive consumer-response

The marketing strategy will be based initially on personal communication efforts that announce DEEQA US’ main competitive edges, our selection, and customer service directly with the decision-makers within the United Nations. For this reason, the initially stationed intracompany executives are the key. They will be responsible for implementing this “kick-off” marketing strategy as in-person meetings are its main component.

The message will focus on the significant efficiency value gained by ordering all an office’s supply needs from one easy-to-work-with vendor, backing up the extensive product catalog with top-rate customer service including an account manager and real-time customer support for product questions.

DEEQA US’ goal of becoming a major vendor of environmentally-friendly office supplies is an ambitious but achievable goal. DEEQA US will leverage its two-part competitive edge to achieve this goal. The first edge is an unparalleled selection of green office supplies. The final component is the pricing. All products will be priced competitively, often at the same low price as conventional, non-eco-friendly products.

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