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This all-inclusive product catalog creates a compelling one-stop shopping venue. This wonderful product selection will be supported by customer-centric company culture. The marketing and sales strategies support these two competitive edges.

Market Analysis Summary
DEEQA US believes that it faces a market with many opportunities and significant demand as well as increasing competition. The U.S. presence affording frequent correspondence, in-person meetings, and real-time responses to questions and negotiations will allow DEEQA US to respond to competitive pressures while promptly identifying and seizing opportunities.

DEEQA’s three main customer segments will be United Nations Secretariat, UN Field Missions, and UN Agencies, which is a “catch-all” category, are always given first-class treatment from the start and throughout their relationship with us.

Social Corporate Responsibility
One of DEEQA US’s key methods in contributing to the United States will be to use an allocated portion of its revenues to positively impact minority and less fortunate communities through philanthropic efforts to the benefit of the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders.

DEEQA Construction has long held high its mission to support the communities in which it builds and does business. It will proudly continue this important tradition through its U.S. subsidiary, DEEQA
US’ highest expectations based in the U.S.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy
DEEQA US will be a business sustained by its cash flow without the need for ongoing injecting financing from either the parent or external sources. We expect financial independence to occur within 12 months of starting operations. Our sustainability plan is simple– to maintain a large selection at sub-market prices for comparable eco-friendly products coupled with reliable and ready customer support.

In terms of business operation, we are building the right foundation and structures, to be initially staffed by our most competent and qualified executives and managers from the parent company, DEEQA Construction, who have a proven track record of procuring and maintaining UN contracts, our core business.

As a focus on maintaining the quality of our intracompany executive staffing, special bonus and allowances will be given to the initial transferring executives based on their performance and commitment to the Company for three years or more. We know that if that is put in place, we will be able to successfully hire and retain our top executives to build the business of meeting our highest expectations based in the U.S.

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