Competitive Edge

DEEQA US’ competitive edge is twofold: a wide selection of office supplies making it a one-stop vendor, and strong customer service where the customers are assigned a specific sales agent /account manager from the start of a contract to assist them.

By offering a strong product catalog, customers can place all their office supplies orders in one place instead of having to contact multiple vendors. Meeting the efficiency needs of companies, particularly in the era of COVID-19 by servicing all the client organization’s office supply needs meets customers’ efficiency demands and provides DEEQA US with a competitive edge.

The second edge is DEEQA US’ focus on customer service stemming from DEEQA Construction’s long-standing commitment to customer-centric practices. The company recognizes that if long-term sustainable growth is desired, the customers must feel that they are being offered the finest service. This will ensure the building of a loyal customer base that will assist DEEQA US in growing to become a sustainable and thriving operation. DEEQA US will ensure that all our customers are always given first-class treatment from the start and throughout their relationship with us.

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